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2. CBG+4, 12-15%+

2. CBG+4, 12-15%+

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Use religiously, at dusk and dawn. Start low, go slow, and let god guide you.

This small batch craft Hemp CBG Oil, and Novelty Canna Collectable, is the perfect gift. It can be used for making your sacred objects holy at home; political discourse with your friends; and as a gift for those you love.  Tigerdrops are for the informed, the curious, and everyone else. We are all creatures of god. This Oil contains contains CBG+4: CBG, CBV, CBDv, CBC, CBGA), terpenes and MCT oil in a 15ml bottle. the exact proportions will be published once the third party report comes back. 

Hemp Extracts are prohibited foods in NZ/AUS (FSANZ), MCT is unsuitable for vaping

Use Tigerdrops religiously. Peace be with you.

Spread the gospel 😇🥰😎🌲🔥🌲😎🥰😇

Jah bless.

Anoint yourself with Tigerdrops Holy CBG Hemp Oil.

Although Cannabis Sativa is the Tree of Life, Hemp CBG is a prohibited food in NZ. Many people ask if they can put Tigerdrops under their tongue, but we cant recommend it.

Please use Tigerdrops religiously, (at dusk and dawn). Start low, go slow, and let god guide you.

Peace be with us all.

Tigerdrops are not intended for the treatment or prevention of any disease or condition.

Cannabis Sativa is 'Kaneh Bosem', a vital part of the Holy Oil of Moses, described in the Hebrew Torah, (Exodus: 30:22-23). Jah bless you.


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Customer Reviews

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Caroline L
Wonderful products

I'm impressed with the quality of the products. Thank you!

Great product

Very happy with this oil.
Will reccomend to family and friends .

Giving thanks

Thank you to all involved in the process of Tigerdrops , much appreciated. Very pleased with results of CBG oil drops for my partner and myself and also my elderly Nan in many ways. Thankyou greatly

What a game changer these drops have been - I'm loving them

I have been using morning and night for 3 weeks now and I feel the benefits already.

Highly recommend

Bought for my elderly mother. She now uses religiously, every day. We are so grateful for this product.