Holy Hemp CBD Oils

Holy Hemp CBD Oils

In times of anxiety and ill health, some people find comfort in the old ways. 

Did you know, 'Holy' derives from the word 'whole'?

Hemp is very Holy. It is food, fibre, medicine, and more; it helps us to be whole. Thats why it is sacred to many many cultures and communities around the world, and throughout human history.

Here at Tigerdrops, we are committed to bringing you back to the past. We are committed to connecting you with your human history, and your cultural inheritance.

Thats why we created Chrism By Design, a legal Hemp CBD (CBG) product for everyone. Made by Kiwis for the world.

All of our products are very limited, small batch products. They are made with attention and care. We are slowly moving towards fulfilling the biblical scripture/recipe for the Holy Oil of Moses, hemp extract by hemp extract.

We are bringing Kaneh Bosem to the people. 

Why cant you grow hemp?

Its also very hard to advertise, but big ups to https://www.facebook.com/groups/Chooice/,  https://www.thedailyblog.co.nz and https://ponsonbynews.co.nz for hosting us

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